'Add-on Products &


The objective of the 'Add-ons' services is to provide optional and customised services and products as per client's requirement

Bulk SMS

.15 paise per promotional SMS, .20 paise per transactional SMS (Minimum 10,000 qty)

Optional 'Add-ons' Products

Bulk Email

Rs.4,000 onwards for 50,000 emails

Video Creation

Rs.1,350 onwards

Bulk WhatsApp

.30 paise per promotional WhatsApp

Content for social media and blogging

Flyers & Banner Designs

Rs.900 per page (Minimum 4 nos)

Rs.10 per word (Minimum 500 words)


G-Suite Mail id

Rs. 2,520 per mail id per year

Additions and Corrections in Just dial, Google My Business

Rs. 1,080 

Optional 'Add-ons' Services

GoDaddy Mail id

Rs. 540 per mail id per year

New Additional Website pages

Rs. 720 per page

Modification or changes in Website pages

Rs. 500 per page

Additional Keywords for SEO

Rs.900 per keyword per month

Tamil Translation

Rs.10 per word (Minimum 500 words)

Daily Motivation Quotes - 60 nos per month (30 English & 30 Tamil)

Additional Festival Greetings Post

Rs.2000 per month

Rs.200 per post

eCommerce Websites

Rs. 50,000 onwards

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